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Google may have lots of dirt on you.  You may have a Google+ profile. You may have a Facebook profile. You may have a lengthy FBI dossier (left over from your wayward youth, no doubt). But, much more important (and “juicy”)  than any information contained in any of those places is the truth about you that is found in the Bible.

If you believe the gospel that Jesus Christ died on the cross to reconcile sinners, here are just 32 pieces of information about you from just one chapter in Romans (see Romans 8).

1. There now is no condemnation for you if you are in Christ. (see Romans 8:1)

2. You have been set free of the law of sin and death. (see Romans 8:2)

3. The righteousness of the law is fulfilled in you, if you walk according to the Spirit of God. (see Romans 8:4)

4. You do walk in the Spirit, since the  Spirit of God dwells in you. (see Romans 8:9)

5. The Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead will also make you alive even in your mortal body. (see Romans 8:11)

6. By the Spirit, you will kill the deeds of the flesh and so you shall live. (see Romans 8:13)

7. Since you are led by the Spirit you are a son (daughter) of God. (see Romans 8:14)

8. You have received the Spirit of adoption, not fear. (see Romans 8:15)

9. That Spirit of adoption enables you to call upon God as Father. (see Romans 8:15)

10.  The Holy Spirit  confirms that you are a child of God. (see Romans 8:16)

11. You are an heir of God and a fellow heir with Christ (see Romans 8:17)

12. You suffer with Christ. (see Romans 8:17)

13. You will be glorified together with Christ. (see Romans 8:17)

14. You possess  the first fruits (the beginning manifestation) of the Spirit. (see Romans 8:23)

15. You are saved by hope (or since you are saved, you hope). (see Romans 8:24)

16. You wait for it with patience. (see Romans 8:25)

17. The Holy Spirit helps your weaknesses. (see Romans 8:26)

18. The Holy Spirit makes intercession for you (from within you). (see Romans 8:26-27)

19. All things are for working (combined together) for the ultimate good in you. (see Romans 8:28)

20. Since you love God, you are called for or because of His purpose. (see Romans 8:28)

21. God  foreknew you; that is, He knew you before you existed. (see Romans 8:29)

22. God predestined you; that is, He planned all of your life. (see Romans 8:29)

23. God is making you into the image of His Son. (see Romans 8:29)

24. God called you; that is, He drew you to Himself by His power. (see Romans 8:30)

25. God justified you; that is, He declared you guiltless. (see Romans 8:30)

26. God glorified you.  (see Romans 8:30)

27. God is for you. (see Romans 8:31)

28. God gave up His Son deliberately for you. (see Romans 8:32)

29. God will freely give you all things. (see Romans 8:32)

30. Christ makes intercession for you at the right hand of God. (see Romans 8:34)

31. You are more than a conqueror; to say you are victorious is an understatement. (see Romans 8:35)

32. Nothing shall be able to separate you from the love of God. (see Romans 8:38)

Whatever you put in your Facebook profile, it looks pretty lame now, right?

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